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Last Time Buy Services

This is the big dilemma in today's electronics manufacturing, where components have shorter and shorter life cycles. The component manufacturer communicates a Last Time Buy to its client. The client is asked to estimate and purchase the quantity of the obsolete component which they believe is needed for the remaining life of it's end product. This is a very difficult equation, and involves investing large sums of money in inventory. The distributor and the component manufacturer offer little or no assistance. Emporium Partners offers a service where EP will buy this inventory on behalf of the client. As LTB's often involve significant investments, this service offers the client the ability to use its resources in its normal business practice, where it can help generate the expected return. It also frees up valuable inventory space, and decreases administration. The goods can be bought from the manufacturer, the distributor or the client themselves. The inventory is allocated to the client, whilst held with EP. It will be stored according to the client's and industry standards when it comes to ESD, humidity, temperature, etc. Deliveries will be scheduled according to the clients needs. The client will be charged the cost of the delivered goods, plus handling and finance costs. An added bonus, which EP can offer, is the ability to liquidate this inventory should the clients need for the goods decrease. EP can also offer to purchase these goods on the grey market in order to hold costs down.

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